Egon Visintainer

ForMobiles.infoProject Coordinator2012 - 2016
Coordinating a team of six reporters across several different projects and columns. Management of social media platforms, implementation of SEO criteria to improve visibility. Management of relationships with companies to arrange and negotiate deliveries of samples and testers. Project management of the events we organized: coordinating organization, logistics, press conferences, shipping and preparations.
LineadombraCustomer care representative2014 - 2015
Customer care representative in charge of assisting customers with bookings and ticketing system. Coordinating access control team and internal security teams to ensure a safe and steady influx of customers in the exhibition.
Lund UniversityMaster in Management, Business Administration - Management2015 - 2016
A master degree in management targeting: leadership, marketing, people management, strategy, ethics, organization design, team management, microeconomics and macroeconomics.