I am fluent in multiple languages (English, Spanish), intermediate in Norwegian and Swedish. For quite some time now I have been involved in all phases of software developement (analysis, design and implementation) for large-scale distributed software applications in weather forecasting.


Prior to this, I worked in Silicon Valley, first, for the SmartCard division of Renesas Technology Amercia, with their port of the Sun Microsystems, Inc. JavaCard Reference Implementation to the Hitachi H8/300H Micro Controller Unit (MCU), and second, in the consumer and embedded division of Sun Micorystems, Inc., in the Java 2 Micro Edition Reference Implementations.

University of Nebraska at OmahaMasters of Science, Computer Science1996 - 1999
Masters thesis in IP Mobility Support for IPv4 - RFC 3344 - IETF
University of Nebraska at LincolnMasters of Science, PhD Candidate, Physics1992 - 1995
I was an Atomic and Molecular PhD candidate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UNL. My thesis work, and subsequent dissertation, was to be focused on slow-energy electron collisions with DNA base molecules, e.g., cytosine, guanine, adenine.
Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames, IowaBachelor of Science, Physics and Mathematics1987 - 1991
I graduate with a double major in physics and mathematics from Iowa State University of Science and Technology in Ames, Iowa, USA.