Web Development
System programming in Linux

I'm a passionate Software Developer who is dedicated to make a difference with his work. Having a very professional attitude towards work in general, I prioritise the quality of my work the most. \"Good enough\" way of thinking is not acceptable for me, being a perfectionist by nature I always do my best to deliver the best possible result. Facing complicated tasks, I get extra satisfaction from solving them in a simple and elegant way. To stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices I keep learning new technologies all the time and love doing it. There is no one programming language, one tool or one technique which could be used everywhere and does it all and this is the reason for me to learn, try new things and find out where they can work the best. Working in a team could be a challenge, I think it's very important to be open for discussions, don't be afraid to ask for advice and learn from your colleagues.

Opera Software AS, Oslo, NorwaySoftware Developer at Browser Services Department2012 - Current
Working as a lead backend developer on one of the most crucial web service in the company – which is responsible for storing and managing Opera users' profile data. The critical aspect of this work is that the service has to be up and running 24/7/365 as most of other Opera web services depend on it's availability. My work on this project is mostly concentrating on the server-side development with hands-on database development (both RDBMS and NoSQL) and includes many DevOps tasks as new servers setup, project releases, database maintenance and service monitoring configuration. Among my other responsibilities, I'd highlight designing and development of new APIs, being constantly aware and know how to mitigate security threats on the service, building Multi-Data Center environments, refactoring and improving old implementations, providing high standards of code quality and functionality through comprehensive product testing. Skills/Tools: Perl, Python, Bash scripting, MySQL, Couchbase, Redis, memcached, Git, Linux (Gentoo, Debian), Puppet, StatsD&Graphite&Grafana, Jenkins, Nagios, Apache, nginx.
AdRiver, Saint Petersburg, RussiaSr. Software Engineer – Perl Developer2008 - 2012
Product: SaaS “AdRiver” – Internet ads control system. Responsibilities: Development of company’s internal web applications based on Catalyst Framework and designed with REST, Atom architecture ideas and JSON/XML communication protocol notations. My responsibilities mostly are: backend logic and database communication development. Database query optimizations (MySQL) for highloaded web applications. Emails processing automation. A common scenario would be: read a letter, get letter attachments, process them and send a reply.
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"Master of Science, Informatics and Computer engineering2002 - 2008
My graduate diploma work was related to my job at the time and described design and implementation of highly-scalable multi-protocol network monitoring application, which polls thousands of network devices by different protocols (SNMP, SSH, Telnet) and saves queried parameters values to Round Robin Databases (RRDtool). The application was implemented as a system daemon, on demand it was able to generate graphs by stored values and send them to the application UI layer.