My career goals are to apply my acquired specialist knowledge to my short and long-term plans, through active and conscious pursuit of lifelong improvement. My personal interest in people, communication and maintaining high standards will constitute assets in pursuing my goals. In the short run I aspire to work for a company in which I would aspire to an ascendant course that would lead to promotion to positions of growing responsibilities and management. I will seek though my work experience to build expertise and to cultivate a strong strategic mind and a contemporarily pragmatic approach to management and business practices. My personal objectives are to achieve recognition for solid, effective work which would render me an important member of the organization for which I work, as stability is an essential goal in today’s work environment. Ultimately I look forward to progressing beyond identifying and exploiting business development opportunities commercially, by integrating and diffusing the knowledge output that will be produced through my activities and becoming responsible for the supervision of the knowledge management process. In short, I seek the attainment of three goals: successful professionalism, family happiness and contribution to society. Success for me matters when it is achieved honestly, based on business acumen, informed expertise and on a broader philosophical perspective that values particular qualities.