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Hi, I see myself as a visual designer with online marketing skills, always open for new possibilities and skills extension. 
I can work in:
-  design companies and various service bureaus with website, ux and graphic design, online marketing and web analytics

- travel bureaus as travel operations assistant (I love traveling and have a wide personal experience in booking trips and organising tours)

- organisations and companies with human resources (I have some experience from my previous employment in hiring people, I am always open and interested in extending this skill)

My current professional skills broad from visual and user experience design to online marketing and web analysis. I have experience in working with websites on Wordpress and Joomla CMS, social media management, visual communication, online campaigns management (Adwords), website traffic  and optimisation analysis , facebook & campaigns, layout designing.

I would love to strengthen my skills in the mentioned areas, being employed in a dynamic work environment, where I could take my responsibility for the tasks within them.
Besides that I am always open to jump in new challenges and extending my skills levels in other work spheres such as travel & leisure  management, HR and business operations.

ALGORITHMEVisual Designer Intern2017 - Current
Main work tasks: - Creating the website with Wordpress - Social media management - Instagram page layout design - Creating the visual identity of brand