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A young multi-specialist who has worked in many different fields of media, with the vision of becoming big in the games industry in the near future.

Specialised at project management and game design, but also with experience regarding lot of different areas related to media including: writing articles, PR/Marketing, photography, photo editing, filming, video editing and illustration.

GAMKIN, IncGame Creator2016 - Current
Working on the iOS/Android game X-Tactics I've taken on many tasks and have been in charge of many areas. My achievements and main tasks included: ・Showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2016 ・Showcase at Bitsummit in Kyoto ・Graphical Production ・Collaboration Events ・Community Management ・IndieGoGo Rewards ・Japanese Pre Registration Campaign / 日本語の事前登録 ・Public Relations ・Level Design ・Game Scripting ・Story Writing ・Game Guides ・2nd/1st Line Support
WIFOG ABSecond Line Support2014 - 2016
My assignment was to manage inquires and requests made by customers concerning Wifogs services as well as handling dispatch and registration of SIM cards. I worked together with a small support team (2-4) and the developers of the company to maintain and improve the companies services. My ability to write fast and professionally as well as multitasking with several tasks really improved at this job.
Swedish Game AwardsProject Manager2014 - 2015
My assignments included a bit of everything, ranging from creating and editing interview videos, being the head of communications with the work alongside Diversi, making presentations to contacting partners and managing events. More can be read on my website:
Frogpearl ABPhotographer2013 - 2015
My assignment was to photograph pearl jewellery by following the managers directions as well as actively communicating on what could be improved. The pictures were then to used on shops website as well as for advertisement in several fashion magazines. This assignment better helped and improved my understand of dynamics within B2B line of work.
Södertörns HögskolaBachelor in Media Technology, Project Management & Game Design2013 - 2016
A program which blends practical learning with theory in game development and game design.
John Bauer LiljeholmenHigh School Diploma, IT, Media - Focus on Photography2011 - 2013
High school which focused on the basics of IT and Media. We learned Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro. In the courses chosen I studied photography and retouching. - At the examination, I was awarded with being the Media student of the year.