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Can an AP graduate in IT assist you ?

 I recently graduated AP Degree in Information Technology from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) with Network as my specialty. I  have been working as an IT supporter/IT Assistant since May 2016 at so far two of the companies in Copenhagen Denmark namely Agilent Technologies and Niels Brock.


During my last two years of studies I have so far been gaining a theoretical knowledge on

following two main subjects :


1) Computer Networking                                                       2) Windows Server

       a) Layers of Computer Networks                                              a) Microsoft Windows Server 2003

       b) Wireless and Mobile Networks                                            b) Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2

       c) Multimedia Networking

       d) Security in Computer Networks.


During my tenure as an IT Support Assistant at Agilent Technologies, I gained a valuable experience as a first class IT Supporter and am still gaining hands on experience from Niels Brock as well. One of my main tasks constituted of supporting end users that were either physically present in front of me with their computers or through email, telephone or remotely using team viewer. I have been involved in various tasks from reinstalling a computer to teaching IT to new students at Niels Brock.   

 On top of that, I am a highly self-motivated, service-minded and a driven man with a great learning and get the job done attitude. I am a person with adequate amount of professionalism, respect for diversity, a high value for work ethics who pays attention to details and takes pride in what I do. I have a firm grip on my confidence and have the tendency of putting all my energy into what I do. I also do have a precise control of the way of communication and of the English language itself.  

I am looking forward to your positive response.

Niels Brock
IT Assistant/ Support
2016 - Current
End User IT Support
Clock Beats
2016 - 2016
Adhoc, routine and overall help with the start up
Agilent Technologies
IT Support Assistant
2016 - 2016
End User IT Support with computers mac, windows and I phones
Info Share
2016 - 2016
Raspberry Pi Computers,
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Academy Profession Degree ( AP ), IT Technology ( Network)
2014 - 2016
Information Technology with Network Speciality
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