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Oslo Cancer ClusterProject Manager2016 - Current
Through this role, I embarked into the world of the European Commission Grants. I manage a prestigious Horizon 2020 EU project titled “Personalized Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions: PERMIDES”. Oslo Cancer Cluster and NCE Smart Energy Markets together with four European clusters in medicine and IT were allocated with funds of 45 million NOK in this EU project grant. This project will utilize the digital revolution to develop new systems for cancer treatment. This will be achieved by matching small and medium enterprises within IT with cancer biotech in the six clusters. Utilization of accumulated expertise in Big Data Analytics from other industries, such as energy industry, will enable the development of digital systems and solutions. The main objective in the next two years of this project is to provide key solutions for the reconfiguration of the bio-pharmaceutical value chain in Personalised Medicine towards a Health Economy 4.0, with a special focus on oncology (i.e. cancer treatment). Key objectives in figures: • 75 SMEs participating in matchmaking events on regional and European levels • 100 companies entering their profile into the semantic matchmaking portal • 90 innovation projects between IT and bio-pharma companies • 50 sessions of follow-up coaching • 120 SMEs benefiting from technology transfer activities
Smart Innovation ØstfoldProject Manager2016 - Current

Open Communications Press ABCEO & Board Member2016 - Current