I am a young professional who is interested in starting or joining a startup as co-founder and/or investor, within the area of health, food or training.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been active with different kinds of sports. Over the last years I have done several Ironman, Marathon's, a Swim-Run race, Vasalöppet, Arcitc Circle Race etc. Due to my interest and passion for training I have always been interested in food and nutrition. Being a large consumer myself within the health/food/training industries I am very passionate about consumer trends and needs in these areas.

Some of my key traits and characteristics: Positive attitude, a lot of drive and ideas, resilient and persistent in the things I undertake, openminded, team player, easy going and like to have fun.

I truly believe that "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work". As a person I am all about doing what I am passionate about as this will not only make you happy but also shine through in the job you perform. Being part of starting something from scratch that you are truly passionate about is a big dream of mine and I look to "match up" with other passionate, ambitious and motivated persons who have that same dream.

For the right opportunity, idea and startup I will gladly relocate. Oslo is especially high on my list of preferable places to work and live. I have previous work experience from Oslo, have friends there and simply love the city and sorroundings.

Please contact me if you feel there might be an opportunity to work together, so we can grab a coffe or have a skype-meeting.

Also, since I am currently in a full-time employment please send me a message if you wish to get my details (CV, LinkedIn etc.)

Hope to hear from you...