About"After more than 20 years in the Web Industry, within both junior and senior positions ranging from Web Designer, Front End Developer, Web Developer and Full Stack Developer, to Dev Ops, Developer Support Engineer and Product Manager, I have gained valuable experience about and an extensive knowledge of the tools of the trade and how to “automagically” make web “stuff” work and as a result keep people – a.k.a. business managers, clients and end users – happy.

Most of my time these days goes towards expanding my startup RAMP (a company that help businesses connect talent with opportunity) from the “Startup” stage towards “Growth And Establishment”.
RAMPCo-Founder & Senior Product Manager2016 - Current
RAMP help businesses connect talent with opportunity, at a massive scale, by offering additional features to Recruitment Manager, Norways second largest CRM for recruitment, copy all the relevant information - including Skills, Education and Work Experience - from profiles on LinkedIn, Finn.no and Nav.no with one click. Most of my time these days goes towards expanding RAMP from the “Startup” stage towards “Growth And Establishment”. My biggest challenge now is dividing my time between a whole new range of demands requiring my attention—managing increasing levels of revenue, attending to customers, dealing with the competition, accommodating an expanding workforce, hiring smart people with a complementary skillsets—as well ass coming into my role as head of the company. It’s all necessary to make the most of any startup’s potential during this phase.
TradingPairs ASCo-Founder & Product Manager2018 - Current

Kung Fu MediaWeb Development Consultant2015 - 2017
Kung Fu Media is my bread and butter, the job that provides me with the money I need to live, and there's nothing I love more than getting my hands dirty with website development, social media, branding design and everything in between! At Kung Fu Media I've had the privilege to work on several Facebook campaigns for ComeOn.
Fashion FootprintChief Technology Officer2015 - 2017
Creating a technology for change, that lets you know the stories behind your clothes. Behind the billboards, the fashion industry is made up of talented, hard working individuals with compelling stories to tell. Fashion Footprint looks behind the scenes and brings you their stories. My role at Fashion Footprint is first and foremost to advise the team on both hardware and software solutions.
.social (aka Dots)Co-Founder & Lead Product Manager2014 - 2016
Dots makes it easy for organisations to convert followers on their Facebook pages from Likes to engaging and paying customers by having them recommend what they offer to a selection of their friends who they think are most likely to be interested. Dots is still at an MVP-stage, but we have successfully ran campaigns for Norways largest soccer team, Rosenborg Ballklub. During a contest that ran on Facebook for seven weeks, 1 600 of the 2 017 unique participants shared the contest with their Facebook friends. This gave RBK 437 400 impressions on Facebook, which resulted in 5 200 clicks back into the contest and 7 200 new likes on their Facebook Page!
SmartieDeveloper SUpport Engineer2015 - 2016
Smartie is a simple and effective SaaS solution that improves business practices for generating and sending employee rosters, as well as logging temperature and sending deviation alerts. My role at Smartie is first and foremost to advise the development team on development stacks and best practices in agile programming, as well as performing rigorous testing of the solution in Alpha and Beta stage before launch to the public.
Viral Media GroupFull Stack Developer2014 - 2015
Viral Media help companies to build their brand on Facebook, as well as converting their Facebook-followers into paying customers. They assist with day-to-day operations of facebook pages, courses, advertising on Facebook and strategy for their customers business. As a Full Stack Developer at Viral Media AS my main role was to develop custom Facebook Page Tab Applications using standard web technologies together with Facebook’s Web SDK for PHP, a library with powerful features that enable developers to make requests to the Facebook Graph API, as well as Facebook’s Web SDK for JavaScript to give users the best possible user experience.
SprocketWeb Development Contractor2004 - 2015
Sprocket was my Sole Proprietorship for 11 years, and I mainly worked on web development projects for clients in both Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America. Some of the clients and projects I worked on are Rookiestyle.no, Maudmellow.com, Sportextreme.no, Cattani.com.au, Carlton Draught Mobile, Blogging For Writers, Carxcrazyk.com, Editionmatch.com, Lawelderlaw.com, Bzzhive.com, Synthacis.com, Dailydigital.com, Grapevineapp.net and She Energy Drink.
TempTrackerChief Technology Officer2012 - 2013
TempTracker was my first shot at "changing the world". The idea behind TempTracker was to create a bluetooth enabled thermometer with which parents could monitor their kids fevers through their smartphone, wherever they were. I joined the TempTracker-team as an app developer during StartupWeekend Trondheim in September of 2012. A groundbreaking new Bluetooth-technology from Nordic Semiconductor made it possible for us to track temperature continuously, and our goal was to track and present data in an easier way than what was available at the time; getting curves of how a fever changed over a period of time on to your smartphone, as well as alerts if it rose above a set temperature. TempTracker won second place at StartupWeekend and the company was founded less than a week later. A simple MVP of both the sensor and an iOS-app were created, but due to lack of funding the startup never survived it's first year.
Response RetailWeb Development Lead2012 - 2013
Response Retail is one of Norway's leading suppliers of POS (Point of Sale) systems with their inhouse developed system MANDARIN. My role at Response Retail was mainly to offer support for POS clients, but tasks also included web development and project management for one of Norway's largest fast food chains, Big Bite.
tkm9 GRoupFront End Developer2011 - 2012
tkm9 isn't an ordinary agency. They don’t create ordinary work. That’s why they hunt for extraordinary people. I joined tkm9 during their early days, as a Front-End Developer on a small development team that consisted of two designer, one Back-End PHP-developer and me. tkm9 had big ideas, and every single person that worked there were visionary people with a passion for ideas, innovation and technology. During my first three month at tkm9 I had already worked closely with clients on projects like Bruers Bright, Who is Bruce Rush?, Sportsco and Nintendo 3DS. tkm9 still has big ideas. And now they even have a big platform. Delivering content to thousands of screens worldwide.
Big Picture GroupSenior Front End Developer2010 - 2010
Web and Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and Facebook advertising.
The National Center for Science Recruitment works to increase enrollment towards science education and careers. The center is a national scheme - established by and reports directly to The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. I was drafted by NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology to work on the project Velgriktig.no for The National Center for Science Recruitment. At this point Velgriktig.no mainly aimed to inspire more young girls to choose a future within science and technology by increasing their level of knowledge, so that they could make informed educational choices. For the academic year 2007/2008, girls only accounted for 16 percent of the students that choose Science and Technology subjects as part of their higher education in Norway. The Velgriktig-campaing was launched during spring of 2008 and as of the academic year 2015/2016 girls now account for over 40 percent of all students that choose Science and Technology subjects.