I was born in Norway but as my father is English we spoke English at home until I started school. 

After school I`ve worked mainly in sales, both large and smaller companies.

The last year I’ve been mainly working as a business consultant for entrepreneurs across Bergen, both new and well-established companies, mainly is sales, marketing and how to increase their revenue. Their response and results has been extremely good.  

In 2010 I was one of two partners in a HSE consultant company after several years in sales.

My main goal was to create a gazelle business and after four years I achieved that goal. 

One of my main philosophies is a client is suppose to be a returning costumer for at least the next 5-7 years.  Another strong belief I have is nothing is impossible and I’ve been doing motivational speeches in sales companies across Norway with that exact headliner.


Throughout my working experience I’ve been an employee and also a CEO and Head of sales.  Some of my former employees are today C.E.Os. And head of sales in major companies across Bergen and Norway.

I’m used to having enormous sales budgets and as my track record shows I reach my goals both professionally and in sports.  I’m also a sponsored athlete in running, cycling and other duration sports, and a fitness instructor at Barry’s bootcamp.

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