About"Christian loves science and is insatiably curious. Three countries claim his citizenship (Germany, Canada, US) \n\nWhile assisting on private plantations for a sampling project in the Fraser Valley, he realized he didn't want to stay in the lab: \"I wanted to connect with the people who were going to benefit from our findings and help them help us!\" \n\nWhy not learn how to make web and mobile applications to facilitate this connection? After going through a \"coding bootcamp\" Christian kept teaching himself various programming frameworks and has been working for tech startups all over Canada since December 2014.\n\nChristian's life goal is to combine the goodwill of the individuals of our society with the expert knowledge of our scientific community. He believes citizen science is the future of research and that high quality web and mobile applications is the glue that will hold this dream. He is currently looking to contribute to a project that will help him hone his skills while working towards his dream anywhere in the world!"
Cronos WaterSales Representative2014 - Current
Gaia Water systems offer solutions in clean tech. From soapless car washes to algae jet fuel, our product promises a new standard in environmentally conscious technologies. Sales representative trying to save the lakes of Quebec and Ontario from cyanobacteria blooms!
DecodeMTLCode Mentor2015 - 2016
DecodeMTL is a 2 month coding bootcamp that takes passionate humans with little to no background in programming and turns them into industry ready web developers. As a mentor I helped the students with their understanding of : - Node.js - Sass/Less and Grunt/Gulp - ReactJS - Building RESTful API's as well as using 3rd party API's - Hosting web application on various platforms.
Otolane SoftFull Stack Web Developer2015 - 2016
Otolane is a live, B2B car auctioning system built using the latest technologies: WebSockets, Angular.js on the front end, Node.js with Strongloop's Loopback framework to build a RESTful api. TDD was strictly enforced. As a full stack developer I : - Developed and maintained new features - Fixed Bugs - Wrote and debugged test suites - Participated in daily SCRUM meetings
Lighthouse LabsWeb Dev Immersive, 2014 - 2014