FreelanceCertified Massage Therapist2010 - Current
A skilled massage therapist with 3+ years’ experience in Classical Swedish Massage, RnR-motion and other supplementary techniques such as basic zone therapy, fire cupping, lymphatic massage and basic myo-fascial therapy. Offering massage services for increased wellness levels, detoxification, enhanced mobility, better flexibility and circulation in order to be more successful in all aspects of people's lives. A dynamic and gentle character, supports a stable temperament and honest approach to massage practices coupled with a calm and comforting aura and well-developed interpersonal skills via an intuitive, deconstructive and contemplating attitude. Focused on creating strong, long-lasting relationships and positive rapport with clients, yielding excellent results in maintaining a high rate of referrals and repeat business. Highly trained with sharp business acumen and educated in massage therapy, creating solid self-healing patterns, supporting new and loyal clienteles, as well as promoting natural products and health services.