Carsten Torbergsen
Co Founder & Managing Director at Mocean One
About me
Mission driven, corporate- & startup life experience, on a journey to make an impact.
Mocean One
Co Founder & Managing Director
2015 - Current
Mocean One is the global subscription marketplace for ocean and sub-ocean data giving the world access to make business from the ocean. What problem are we solving? The oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the worlds surface, yet it remains largely unmapped. We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the seabed and the values hidden in the deep. Aside from oil and gas the seabed is an untapped resource, and recent research indicates that marine minerals alone can generate nearly $1 trillion every year. There are many sources to information about the seabed, both commercial and publicly available. But without proper cleaning and standardizing the data is hard to act upon. Only when the data is combined and turned into actionable analytics can it be useful. Our breakthrough: * Share and combine data to paint one comprehensive picture * Increase value by giving insights in exchange for unused data * Help governments, investors and corporations find new business opportunities. Read more here:
Torbergsen AS
2014 - 2015
After leaving my previous job voluntarily in excellent standing and with a track record of success, I founded a smart furniture design company * Started with one product idea that evolved to a concept * got selected for iStart program ( * got a co-founder onboard (12/2014) * build, measure, learn cycles for value proposition fit * received Innovation Norway funding - etablerertilskudd (04/2015) * pivoted several times for business model fit * got first paying customer and others lining up (08/2015) * stopped the venture after careful consideration (09/2015)
Wilhelm Wilhelmsen
Business Manager Ships Agency
2010 - 2014
As Business Manager I had the global Product- and P&L responsibility for WSS ships agency services. This included both product lifecycle management of existing services and new concept development. One of the largest projects was the roll-out of an innovative concept (Ships Agency Re-defined) that included training of +1700 employees, continuous support and follow up of our sales force and campaigns towards our customers. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4,600 marine professionals servicing 2 200 ports in 125 countries.




Oslo, Norway


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