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I am a recent graduate at Harvard University and studied applied mathematics and economics with honors. I interned as a business analyst at Capital One in New York and a winter intern at Altman Vilandrie & Company, the roles which I want to translate to the exciting start-up scene in Scandinavia. I would like to leverage this position to be successful in the given role.

Capital OneBusiness Analyst Intern2015 - 2015
• Modeled effective rent across 63.5K US multifamily buildings via multi-factor regressions and machine learning on Python • Analyzed 19 different variables to forecast what-if analysis for Concession Discount Evaluation (CDE) • Collaborated with data team to solve problems associated with underwriting process in commercial banking • Presented in front of senior leaders as top 5 finalist for Capital One Mission Case Competition • Developed Excel model and strategies to provide microloans for female entrepreneurs with insufficient credit history
Altman Vilandire and CompanyWinter Intern2015 - 2015
• Researched and presented a financial and operational profile of inflight broadband internet service provider • Coordinated with multiple teams to benchmark US magazine company’s financials and its customer retention rate
Harvard University Math DepartmentCourse Assistant2014 - 2015
• Coordinated with 37 preceptors and CAs designing and planning course • Helped lead a class of 31 students through classwork and problem sessions and graded their tri-weekly problem sets
China Universal Asset ManagementInternational Business Intern2014 - 2014
• Led strategy on application of Hong Kong domiciled funds in Singapore private banking market • Successfully released an investment proposal on biotech company using an Excel model (pivot tables, vlookup) • Evaluated financials of a South Korean steel company and calculated its valuation in absence of its minor subsidiaries
Harvard UniversityBachelors, Cum Laude, Applied Math and Economics2012 - 2016
GPA: 3.72/4.00 Harvard Fairbank Center Fung Scholar Relevant Coursework: Data Science, Mathematical Modeling, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Causal Inference