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About"Entrepreneur at heart, passionate marketer. \n\nPartner at Webnology, Author of The 1-Hour Goddess, Founder of\nCo-founder of\n\nI believe in being driven by purpose. Being part of a project whose cause I will truly connect with is vital to me.\nI’m naturally self-driven, full of initiative and positive energy. I see challenges, not obstacles.\n\nHaving combined my BSc in Business with an MA in Political Science, I'm particularly interested in NGOs and social innovation. Health & running has a special place in my heart.\n\nWhat makes me get up in the morning? The thought of a new day, a new option to go and change the little corners of the world."
Webnology - Embrace QualityGrowth Hacking & Content Marketing Consultant2015 - Current
Webnology is a leading provider of marketing services for the startup industry. We provide our customers with a range of solutions from defining a marketing strategy to creative & innovative marketing methods. We provide startups with an opportunity to compete with industry leaders through creative thinking and unconventional methods. We see most of traditional marketing as an inefficient and short-term oriented way to market a product. We combine science with creativity to craft lasting resources for the startups we work with. To us, Growth Hacking is what lays at the intersection of human psychology and leading technology. With extensive technical and creative background, we do everything you can imagine in online marketing - except from performance marketing. At Webnology, we make startups flourish.
WorkoutPerfectFounder & Editor2015 - Current
WorkoutPerfect is an online community of health and fitness enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our experiences and knowledge and helping you live a happier, healthier and more active life. We believe that taking care of your body and mind is vital to live a fulfilling life, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways of doing so. We believe that we should not all be perfect, but we should strive for perfection and success in our workouts.
ArtlyCo-founder & Marketing Manager2014 - Current
Online presence should be simple. Artly is a web system for creative individuals to make their own portfolio website within a few clicks. The uniqueness of Artly is its simplicity. There is no back office, and everything is edited directly on the users own website. We at Artly are aware of the value of your time, and we provide you with an opportunity to spend less time understanding unnecessary functions and instead focus on the things that matter to you.