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About"Opera for Android Product Manager & Dev Relations Lead at Opera Software"
Opera Software ASAOpera for Android Product Manager2015 - Current
- Product Management of Opera for Android: - Features I've been working on: "add to home screen" and web app installability functionality, monetization features, improved analytics, in-product marketing mechanisms, video data savings, user data sync, improved readability and navigation, among various other features. - Guided sales & marketing with product and feature positioning for end user audiences, OEMs, operators, and other external partners. - Spoke at Edge Conf and Chrome Dev Summit about progressive web apps and the work we've done to implement this functionality in Opera for Android:
Opera Software ASAGroup Leader Developer Relations2009 - Current
- Leader of a team of globally spread web evangelists, web openers and QA engineers. In 2012, this team comprised of 14 people; at present, it's 4 people. - Outreach to external web developers through presentations and keynotes at major web developer conferences, self-organized events, articles on our own and other web development publications, self-hosted demo sites, documentation sites, Twitter, and so forth. Themes include web standards support in Opera products, emerging and experimental web technologies, responsive web design, progressive web applications, and Opera extensions. - Analyzing site compatibility problems, contacting websites and working with them to make their site work well in Opera products. Major successes were booked with top online properties, incl. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, and others. - Product management of Opera Mobile Emulator (discontinued in 2013 due to code base switch). - Internal evangelizing of what web developers want and care about, and providing technical expertise for browser deliveries, standards implementations, technical documentation, press releases, B2B customer deliveries and more.