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I am a 24 year old guy from Oslo, currently studying Law at the University of Bergen on my third year(out of five).

key attributes:

Legal insight in relevant fields of law (finished courses): Contract Law (I and II), Administrativ Law, Property Law, Law on Money claims, Norwegian and International Legal Institutions, Tort Law and legal methodology.
This insight makes me able to provide guidance on basic legal questions in both norwegian and international matters.  

Writing: A key part of my studies concerns the ability to produce argumentativ legal texts. In my courses i have participated in exstensive case work, and through that I have become expreienced in writing systematic texts about complex matters without compromising the clarity of my message. 

By virtue of being the President of my University football Club I am also running a facebook-page with 650 followers, on which i write humorous match reports and other stuff for the enjoyment of former and fellow students.

The CV attached is in norwegian, but can be made available in english per request.

University of BergenIntegrated Master's program, Law2014 - Current
Five year master's program in law. The general degree to practice law in Norway.