About"In my career as a designer I had worked all my up to from and intern to own my small agency, managing a team of more than 15 people, developing from logos, to campaigns, to mobile apps. I had been involved in different works with big companies and I have a good branding understanding background. I believe I´m a good addition to your team as I work very good with other people and can speak various lenguajes.I adapt well to different work ambience and I´m never afraid of work.\n\nAlong my career I worked in Imaginarios, there I had the opportunity to work with a theatre plays and learned a lot of how people interact with the element of surprise or satisfaction, then I started mixing that knowledge with the design work always looking for that special detail that makes everything different. \n\nWhat I look in job is an opportunity to explore and put practice my creative expertise, experimenting with technics and high end technology.\n\nThanks to my life´s background I can adapt very well to multicultural environment.\n\nI have a valid residence permit here in The Netherlands that allows me to work \n\nand travel till 2020.\n\nI´m never afraid of work and offer quick and effective solutions to problems."
NTN24Video Animator for EFECTO NAIM2014 - Current
EFECTO NAIM It´s a prime time news and analysis tv show, that airs in North and South America through NTN24 Network starring MOISES NAIM, I create simple video animation to be used in the tv show for explaining various topic.
The Media R´UsJefe de Proyectos2013 - Current
Brand development, Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
Media R´ UsCEO / Lobbyist2010 - Current
Brand development, Web GUI design Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. Brand evangelization Stablishing connections between costumer and clients. Brand conceptualization Crear las relaciones entre Media R´ Us y empresas, desarrollando campañas que incrementen la comunicación con sus futuros clientes., cambiar el concepto de publicidad tradicional.
Invenciones ChafuOwner2008 - Current
Creative director