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I am a recent MSc. Petroleum Engineering graduate with specialization in Drilling Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway with A (Excellent) grade academic average. I hold a first class Bachelors in Technology in Petroleum Engineering from Indian School of Mines, India. I have four years of collective professional and project implementation experience.


I am fascinated with solving industrial problems and implementing creative solutions. I started with Kuwait Oil Company in my bachelors. Underbalanced Drilling operation produces the hydrocarbon while drilling but it holds limitations with the type of formation. In my bachelor thesis at Indian School of Mines (India), I developed a statistical tool to refine candidate selection for Underbalanced Drilling Operations. My work was appreciated and recommended by the project manager at KOC. In ONGC, I assisted the rig manager to complete 18 wells in an onshore asset in India. I have gained experience in supervision of daily drilling operations (Spudding to Completion), monitoring and optimizing well site drilling, testing and completion operations. In addition to my professional duties, I teamed up with asset management team at ONGC and developed at site transport plan which saves an average of 1.5 working days. Later, I decided to pursue postgraduate studies from NTNU, Norway. During my stay at NTNU, I approached Statoil researchers and studied feasibility studies for ’Automation in Cementing’. I developed a standard operating procedure that covers material handling practices and technical quality checks. My proposals are aimed towards addressing the unnoticed failure modes for the operations which account for 40% of the total operations. I presented the study to the management and the proposal is currently under Norwegian Research Council consideration. In fall’ 2015, I decided to voluntarily assist consultants at Lyngaas AS to assist in their daily operations. I developed a working model of forces on packer, which gives predictive behavior of a completion string with changing time, temperature, pressure and load. It saves computational time for the engineers and give predictive behavior of the string. Later, for the master thesis, I decided to work with National Oilwell Varco. NOV has developed Wired Drillpipe Technology with Along string measurement tools. Despite the breakthrough in the telemetry technology, the company is facing challenges in addressing undetected eccentric damages on the drillstring tools. I have spotted the fault in the system and developed six indicators for undetected dynamics and presented a development proposal for the tool. My work is being acknowledged and considered by Senior Drilling Simulation Engineers at NOV. Currently, I am working with NOV’s wellbore technology department to implement my proposals to improvise their detection system. I am currently working as freelancer consultant for NOV. I am working on three publications which are funded by NTNU and IRIS. I seek a growing and dynamic work environment where I can work, learn and grow at the same time. Thus, I believe that I can work with my best competence at a startup.


In addition to the academics, I served as financial adviser at an independent NGO, Kartavya from 2009 to 2012. I was appointed as the student speaker at Biannual Petrotech Oil and Gas Conference organized by Ministry of Oil and Gas, India. Through my past experiences, I work constantly under client-contractor relationships. Professionally, I constantly pursue industrial challenges and try to improvise my skill set on a continuous basis. I possess the required analytical and professional skills to achieve the project goals in the stipulated time, both individually and as a part of a team. I appreciate your time in assessing my application.


Yours faithfully,

Aditya Saraswat

National Oilwell VarcoFreelancer Project Assistant2016 - Current
{ Spotted the drawback in current drillstring vibration detection systems. { Identified all modes of vibration with lowest resolution tools. { Torque and Drag analysis with stiff-string approach for analysing abrasion on the drillstring. { Generated Indicators for current detection system to detect eccentric damages (Forward Synchronous Whirl) in the drillstring. { Worked towards standardisation of the drillstring vibration tools. { Improvisation of current drillstring vibration detection and measurement system.
StatoilProject Asssistant2015 - 2015
{ Analysis and feasibility study of Automation in Offshore Cementing Operation. { Failure mode analysis of the cementing job. (From manufacturing till the end of the operation) { Analyzing drilling fluid parameters, hydraulics, hydrostatic and formation press and mud logging data etc. { Present a business model to the management.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNUStudent Assistant, Subsurface Decision Analysis2015 - 2015
Assisted in teaching and conducting assignments for the subject Subsurface Decision Analysis
Oil and Natural Gas CorportationAssistant Executive Engineer, Drilling2012 - 2014
{ Providing continuous operational engineering support to the Rig Manager during routine operations as well as important operations like well control, Stuck-ups, casing cementing job, leak off test etc and during specific operational problem like Well Control situations and stuckpipe situations. { Monitoring and optimizing well site drilling, testing and completion operations. { Preparing Casing Tallies, Cementation calculations, well control calculations, Kill Sheets, Hydraulics calculations, Optimize drilling parameters. { Prepare Daily Drilling, Testing and Completion Operations report. { Communicating with Drilling Superintendent regarding the daily operations and planning ways to optimize the Operations. { Preparing Look-Ahead, i.e., planned operations for the next 15 days on regular basis. { Preparing Daily Cost Sheet. { Tracking NPT on Daily basis. Investigating all unplanned operations and submit a report to the Drilling Operations Manager explaining him the reasons. { Ensuring installation and maintenance of the equipment on site. { Worked with directional drilling and fishing team.
Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyMSc. Petroleum Engineering (Drilling Engineering), Petroleum Engineering2014 - 2016
MSc. Petroleum Engineering (Drilling Engineering), Grade-A Aug’2014–July’2016 Specialization in Drilling Engineering, Master Thesis - A Novel Approach in Detecting Forward Synchronous Whirl.
Indian School Of MinesB.Tech. Petroleum Engineering , Petroleum Engineering2008 - 2012
B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering, CGPA-7.71/10 Jul’2008–Jun’2012 First Class