Project management
Business Development
Business Management
Key Accounts Management
Research & data analysis
Change Management
Management of NGO
Strategic Planning Manager
Trade Marketing & Distribution
Learns quickly & agile
Drives & owns result
provide thoughtful solution
negotiate difficult bids
strategic planning

A versatile business development professional having 6+ years working experiences from South Asia and Scandinavia in the business development field is looking for an opportunity where I can effectively utilize my experience based knowledge blended with the theoretical learning. Proper integration of my professional experience & innovation led Swedish higher education equipped me: 

- to own & lead all facets of an organization from conception (startup operations) to the incredible success of the business through collaboration. 

- to be the key driver in change management analyzing both commercial and nonprofit organization-wide strategic planning, vision process, and startup operations. 

- to be analytical in monitoring majority aspects of the regular business operations including strategic planning, research, HR, and marketing. 

- to be socially responsible for sustainability and drive corporate entrepreneurship to successfully overcome challenges of the contemporary world.


Juteborg ABManager2016 - Current
Juteborg AB, an entrepreneurial company based in Sweden but work internationally with the business idea - to use and develop the natural fiber of jute for new application areas and innovation design, mainly for the automotive, construction, textile and packaging industry. It works cross-branches and disciplinary and have several partnerships both in Sweden as well as in Bangladesh. Primary responsibility is to develop and lead the project JuteLab International, an international innovation platform based upon the most sustainable natural fiber in order to create a cooperation among cross sectional industry partners. This project is an initiative by Juteborg AB to facilitate socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business. - Conduct further background study to strengthen the conviction of natural fiber as the future sustainable solution for intersectional industries. - Build cooperation with relevant stakeholders both from cross sectional industries and academicians to understand and establish the true potential of the project. - Study through available documents and draw the weak links - Develop & Lead the project according to a sustainability (environment, social , ethical and economic) perspective