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Unite Living is a service where roommates who fit well together can find each other based on desired characteristics, personality traits and interests. It is difficult to find a place where everyone gets along. Unite Living changes the way you go to find roommates and a home to live in.

We created this service due to the pressing housing market, which leads to that a majority of young people need to live together in shared accommodations. More often than not, you start from scratch in a new city, with no social network and moving in with people you barely know. We know how challenging these uncertainties can be when you are about to start a new chapter in life. We believe that people who need and want to share a home, should be able find roommates that enriches their lives!

If the right people live together, they can share and solve professional and personal challenges. With a great atmosphere at home, the work morale will rise, which can lead to a better learning environment and more socializing. By matching people who get along, we are also helping landlords to get more secure and longer rental periods.

We are passionate about housing – a right to an adequate standard of living is a human right, it is one of the elements of our welfare system and most of all it`s all about people! The world is changing, and with it the way we do things. To be able to build a sustainable future, we need to challenge the status quo.